Time Has a Color.

A taste. An aroma.

through time
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Time is organic.

It is the setts of sugar cane. Planted one at a time. Growing into lush fields across the Bajan landscape.

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Time is the
flow of life.

Moving slowly by era. It is the keeper of stories. Who never forgets. Time is a Tuesday afternoon. A random dance. A reunion. An unexpected adventure. And a celebration with strangers who became friends.

Water Well Bottles of Rum

Time is the
ingredient in

It is the years-long flow of distilled cane, breathing in and out of charcoal-lined barrels. And the intuition of the rum keeper. Who needs no calendar or clock to declare, “It’s time.”

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Time is infinite.

But with a beginning. And a birthplace.

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Relaxing with Mount Gay

the best things in life take time. Mount Gay Trident

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A Library of Taste

While perfectly enjoyed neat, the complex flavors of Mount Gay Rum blend exquisitely into cocktails. Browse our recipes ranging from seasonal to classics and 100% Bajan.

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Rum Making at Mount Gay

Barbados, the birthplace of rum. The birthplace of Mount Gay. Since 1703.

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