Celebrating 321 years of Mount Gay
News Trident February 20, 2024

Celebrating 321 years of Mount Gay


Today we celebrate 321 years of Mount Gay – a journey full of history, craftmanship, sailing and innovations!

Let’s look back at some of the key moments in our history:

1703: Where it all began

The company’s oldest deed of property dates back to February 1703, making Mount Gay the world’s oldest running rum distillery.

1801: Mount Gay Distillery

Our distillery is given the name of Sir John Gay Alleyne as a tribute to his great achievements.

1910: The birth of Eclipse

Eclipse was the first branded rum that Mount Gay released and still remains a popular choice today amongst rum-lovers! Its name was inspired by the total Solar eclipse.

1982: Mount Gay Red Cap

Stuart Ross launched the original red visor that then became a red cap. They have become an exclusive emblem of the long lasting relationship between Mount Gay and sailing.

1992: American Cup partnership

The sailor’s choice since its establishment, Mount Gay shares an unbreakable bond with the sailing community. It is truly the world’s standard as the spirit of sailing.

2006: James Bond feature

Mount Gay is the first drink that Daniel Craig’s Bond orders in his introductory outing. In Casino Royale, he orders a ‘large Mount Gay and soda’.

2019: First female Master Blender

Trudiann Branker is the first female Master Blender at Mount Gay. A proud Barbadian with years of study and hands-on experience, she is a notable figure within her field.

2021: Independence Day Republic Blend

As Barbados transitioned to Republic status, we proudly introduced the Republic Blend. It combines pot and column rums aged 10-30 years in American oak barrels, with notes of oak, almond, mocha, dark chocolate, dried fruit and vanilla.